There were only two interested parties bidding on the buildings at the auction. Robert was one bidder and then there were two young ladies. Robert's first bid on the farmhouse was $2500.00. His finally bid, which was sufficient to win the farmhouse, was $2800.00. 

One of the barns was the second item put up for bids. It was in the middle of the barn, constructed of lumber, which later was used in the building of the Samuelsson kitchen. Robert made a bid of $200.00. There were no other bids offered by the ladies.

The chairman of the Gagnef building board had examined a drawing of the proposed building, which was to be placed on the Samuelsson property in Gagnef. The farmhouse was the primary structure; added to it was the kitchen to be built from the first barn. Another addition was to come from a third barn or building. When the ladies found out that Robert needed three of the buildings, they started bidding again. In this final round of bidding the first bid was for $200.00. Robert finally got everything he needed for $3500.00. Back